The ONE EXERCISE To Get You The Thing You Want The Most

The ONE EXERCISE To Get You The Thing You Want The Most

"To get what you want, you have to love what you have".  I had a coach feed this to me.  And honestly at the time I thought it was bullshit.  I mean come on I want to be better, I want more success, I want more love why should I have to settle.  But frankly if you can't be grateful for what you have why do you deserve to have more?  

Let's not talk about this in the terms of the law of attraction (which btw is real), lets not talk about this in the terms of loving yourself so that love comes your way (which also btw is real) but lets just do a simple exercise.

I want you to say 2 things to yourself 10 times every day for the next week. (KEY YOU HAVE TO FIND IT WITH IN YOU TO MEAN THESE THINGS)

1.  I have everything in this moment that I need.
2. If I don't chose to be happy how I am not matter what changes I will never be happy later.

You're asking me why would you do this? Give me some proof, give me a reason for doing this.

Proof: A week after I said these things, with belief behind them I got the one thing that I had been waiting 1/2 a lifetime for.  I put this into practice in my own line and within a week I was engaged to . the man of my dreams.

Friends happiness doesn't come from how much money you have, or what kind of car you drive, or even from the relationships that you have with others it comes from the decision that you are going to be happy with where you are.  This doesn't mean being content or standing still, it means realizing that life, just life, the life that you have right now, is beautiful, is wonderful, is amazing.  When you walk in this for while happy with your life and yourself your wants and desires will start to appear.

Proof: A client of mine used these two phrases and got the promotion she was had been wanting.  She told me later "I didn't realize how ungrateful was being.  And that lack of gratitude was destroying my attitude."

Friends you can this or you can leave it.  You can chose to be happy or blame your current situation on everything but the truth.  And  the truth is you have to chose, it is up to you to bring happiness, freedom, and success into your life.

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