A LITTLE Inspiration From The MOVIE CREED

"ONE STEP AT A TIME, ONE PUNCH AT A TIME, ONE ROUND AT A TIME", powerful words spoken by Rocky in the movie Creed. 

Many people believe that we have to take these huge leaps to get any reward.  To me that is like only buy a lotto ticket when the winning are record breaking, seems silly.  You have the same change to win at anytime.  (Okay maybe that was a bad example).  But you don't have to take a huge leap to see huge results.

Here is why I believe this quote is so amazing, and we should be using it more in our everyday life.

1. Moving forward to reach a big goal starts with little moves forward
                - 1 step, breakdown your day
                - One punch, day by day
                - one round at a time, month by month – gets you to you goal
When you break things down like this you are more apt to get things done.  My friend Todd Herman Founder of 90 Day Year talks about how it is best to have goals that are no longer than 90 days.  He says that our world is changing so quickly that having 3-5 year goals even one year goals aren't effective not to mention our attention span so small now.  Taking steps slowly and making small changes is super effective and also help you be more consistent which I will talk about later on.  

2. The only way you get better is to push forward.
If you are caught in the corner getting the piss knocked out of you your first intuition is going to be to hold your guard up and crunch low so you can protect your ribs, face, and your kidneys.  But that isn't going to get you any closer to winning the fight.  But a little step forward and a little upper cut can really help you advance as well as take some of the pressure off from being punched over and over again.  This is the same in life, when you feel frustrated if you stand still you will only feel more frustrated.  If you can some how take a small step forward, or make a little punch in another direction you will be more apt to get out of the rut you are in.  

3. Consistency is key.
I have had a lot of people ask me about my success lately on Periscope.  I have grown my audience to over 25,000 followers.  This is a lot due to consistency.  I show up the same time everyday, with lots of energy, music, dancing, and coaching tips to help my audience know when I am going to be on, and also what to expect.  This has help me grow my audience especially because a lot of viewers turn off their notifications (cause honestly if you have notifications for everything on your phone you won't get anything done). This consistency is the same with all things you are try to accomplish, lose 10 lbs, land a hot date, get a promotion.  When you can show people that you are consistent they can put their trust into you.  

4. Putting your mind in the right place is key to pushing forward.
                -Affirmations/ Afformations
The difference between the guy that gets knocked down and stays on the ground, and the guy that gets up is mindset.  In the movie Creed in Adonis' last match he gets knocked hard to the mat, as a viewer you believe that he will not get up.  However he rises because of all the thoughts that run through is head about how he can do this, and how other like Rocky believe in him.  If he didn't have that can do attitude he wouldn't have gotten off the mat.  I believe that if you don't think you can do anything that will be reflected in every part of your life.  The things that you feel you can't do just tell me that you aren't willing to put in the time and energy to complete them, it's not that you can't do them. 

5. Adonis Creed, has 4 coaches, why don't you have one?
This may seem like a push for me to get more clients but I want you to think about your favorite sports team, now you favorite famous person.  You have to know that every successful person has someone or a lot of someones in their corner, holding them accountable, pushing them to be better, giving them advice, listening to their problems, coaching them to success.  This is not a coincidence, it's because COACHING IS EFFECTIVE.  

I had someone call me out on my Periscope today when talking about this issue that they don't have the money.  And that these successful people have money to afford coaching.  Money isn't the problem my friends, this is the chicken and the egg theory, do they have money because they have coaching, or do they have money so they can get coaching.  I understand not having money.  I get it but to me you find a way to get yourself every advantage to gain success.  And if you don't it's just cause you don't want it bad enough.  And that is not me throwing shade, it's okay if you don't want it bad enough, but don't complain where you are at, or how much money you have, or the success that you are after but it is so hard when you aren't taking any actions to move forward.  

When it comes down to it success comes with help, and with an amazing mindset, and some consistency.  Are you willing to ask, gain, and put in the time and work to get it? 

If you would like to see a short video that I cut on this topic head over to this YouTube.  If you want to learn more about my coaching services including a very affordable way to get some life coaching head over to this website.  


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