The 1 Reason You Aren't Attracting the Right People

Are you looking for the love of your life?  Are you looking to grow your business?  Are you looking for the perfect set of friends?

I have done all of these things, and sometimes I have done them badly.  I have manipulated myself to the woman I thought a man would want.  I portrayed myself as the perfect Instagram fitness woman. Even to fit into a category where I thought my business was suppose to fit. And I went along with things that tugged at me to please people and groups of people who I associated with.  All to find out I had created someone who felt like a fraud.

Enough is enough.  I thought, and once I did that and started to be my authentic self this is when I started to attract like minded people, build stronger relationships, and found the love of my life.

The funny part about life is we say out loud that we want authenticity, we want people to be real, and tell us what is on their mind, but when this happens we don't really like it.  We beat people down for having an opinion or being different than us.  SO, what is it?  Authenticity or white lies,  half truths, part of the story that keep us happy?

Here is the deal you are who you are the person you were put on this earth to be, but you are also who you want to be.  And you have to make the choice who you are and will be.

What is authenticity anyway?  Well I looked up the definition and it said something about the art of being authentic, well that is helpful So what is authentic?  It means being truthful and genuine.  And isn't that funny?  When really our friends, our bosses, our loved ones, our Facebook family wants us to be popular, likable, LIKE THEM, or at least how they think we should be.

You know why we are so obsessed with authenticity, because we hate being lied to.  We hate being deceived, we hate feeling like we can't trust, and above all we hate being played for a fool when it really counts.  So maybe we just want truths, or do we just want people to play the game our way?

Now I am not blaming you for being "un-authentic" because there are so many reason to be:

1. We are trying to impress people.
2. We don't know who we truly are, because we have been playing the "likable" game for so long.
3. We have accepted the playing the person that people think we should be.
4. It's just easier to keep our mouth shut that be our true selves.

But I want you to think about this when the end of the day comes, who is the person you spend the most time with?  You spend the most time with you, you have to make yourself sleep, you have to be happy with your life.  Doesn't matter what your parents think, your friends think, your lover thinks, or the rest of the world.  It matters what you think and how you feel about you when you are getting ready to close your eyes.  I want you to task yourself: If you are living a life to please other people, to fit in, to make it easier is it truly easier to be someone else or just be yourself?

Not many solutions in this BLOG, but I do know one thing.  Once I started to be myself, I got so many more blessings in my life, sure there were people who told me I was "intimidating with all my fitness stuff", I was "too crazy with my dancing", and that I was never going to be successful.  And guess what they are probably right but those are the people I don't need around me, because the ones who like Kathryn Huber Queen Sparkle Spitter are the ones who I want to spend my time, effort, and energy on.


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