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5 Bad Habits Working Retail Taught Me

5 Bad Habits Working Retail Taught Me  Hi, My Name is Kathryn Huber, and I am an ex-retail manager. 
I worked in retail for over 12 years.  I worked in stores that sold everything from candy to bridal gowns.  I was there to serve any and every person that walked through my doors with a big smile.  Throughout my career I became bitter, unhappy, and over all depressed with my situation.  Between the crummy hours, and the abusive customers, I started to lose my faith in humanity.  If you know me now you know this doesn’t sounds like me at all and THANK GOODNESS.  So here is what I had to unlearn to be the person I am today.  These are some of the worst habits I learned from working in retail.  
DISCLOSURE, I wasn’t always unhappy with my job, in fact for the most part because of my helping nature I liked working retail.  There were many wonderful things I learned from the amazing people I worked with and from working retail itself.

1.  The ONLY Way To Succeed Is Through Success        …

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