What Popcorn Can Teach Us About Energy?

So I am not gonna lie I LOVE POPCORN.  In the recent year I have found it really hard to eat because when I eat it I have to EAT IT, and a lot of it, this difficulty is all because of my auto immune disease.  (Side note, Popcorn (corn in general) can cause inflammation, which is bane of my existence). But I do know and believe that Popcorn can teach us a lot about our own energy level. 

1. If not eaten popcorn will get stale.  Do your remember the last time that you found some stale popcorn in the couch (maybe this is just me), or you brought the rest of your movie popcorn home and intended on eating it but let it sit and it went bad?  Energy works the same way if you don’t use it you’ll lose it.  It’s just like that old arthritis commercial says a body in motion says in motion.  If you don’t use energy you will never get more of it.  Perfect example is a workout, some people think oh I am going to be so tired if I work out, well I mean the 10-20 min recovery time that is true however throughout the rest of the day you will feel energized and more motivated to take on smaller easier tasks. 
2. If not kept properly popcorn gets stale.  If you don invest in your energy level, finding your purpose, meeting your spiritual needs, recovery, sleep, exercise, consuming the right foods energy dwindles away.  Energy isn’t a one and done type of thing you have to keep caring for it and making sure that you make the effort to build up your own energy. 
3.  Popcorn goes well with a lot of flavors and has a lot of uses.  You know that there is caramel, and kettle and even chocolate popcorn.  And there are so many uses for it some people eat it, it can be used a decoration (on a tree for the holidays), it can be used to feed wild life as well. Energy is the same way, it can give you motivation, it can help you live through difficult situations, and it will help you be a better person in your relationships.  Energy also comes from a lot of different places and in many forms just like popcorn. 
4.  Biggest waist of Popcorn is to Throw it Out!  This is my favorite point.  When I work with clients I find that it is not that they don’t have energy it is just that they are throwing it at things that do not pay them back with energy.  They eat food but it might not be the right kind, they spend time on people and things that suck the energy instead of motivate them to be better.  When you throw your energy at someone or something and they do not reciprocate it drains you.  I think we spend way to much time investing in people, or habits that don’t pay us back! 

If you struggle with energy I would love for you to send me an email!  I have some great tools and tips on how you can up your energy level to live a super powered life. 


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