How to Get Up After Being Kicked in the Teeth

How to Get Up After Being Kicked in the Teeth

When you get kicked in the teeth the one quality you need is resilience.  Resilience is the key to how we as human beings have lived and survived for so long.  Part of the human condition is that we get knocked down.   Things hurt us,and things prevent us from doing what we want to do in life. The way that we achieve more the way and achieve goals we are going after is with resilience.   No goal has ever been achieved without resilience.   Reason being no goal has ever been achieved without a little bit of failure.

What is Resilience?
Resilience is overcoming difficulty or a hard situation.

Every child is born with resilience.  They are hardwired to overcome difficulty so that they can learn and grow.  In fact, one person once told me that if adults had to go through teething it would put the majority of us in the hospital.   This ability to overcome pain is a awesome quality that children naturally have. And it is an awesome example of resilience. Unfortunately in our growth process resilience can be something that is not promoted and therefore can be temporarily lost.  The next three tips are going to be keys to help you build your resilience.

1. Supportive community:  it is important to have a community who values resilience so that you can build your own resilience.  We have the ability to do this as we watch others in the group be resilient.  Resilience can be learned through watching actions of others and realizing that part of the human condition is dealing with hardships, and overcoming them.  If we can see other people deal with hard situations and overcome them, we learn to do the same in similar situations.  Another important aspect of a supportive community is having people listen to you without trying to dish out advice or be an automatic problem solver.   You might think that this is strange that I would say this because as a life coach my opinion and my tips are usually solicited. However it is important to also have people in your community who can listen to your problems with an empathetic ear and let you have the chance to solve your own issues. They have to value you more then the advancements of themselves upon giving advice.  Don't have a community that can support you like this I'd love for you to join my club because one of my top priorities with my community is to help each other be resilient in hard situations. To JOIN CLICK HERE

2.  Positive outlook on life:  it is very difficult to be resilient when you have a negative outlook on life.  Part of being resilient is looking at each situation and trying to find the light in it or at least understanding this too shall pass. When you have a positive outlook on life and you look for the good things in every situation you're more likely to shorten the period of hurt and dwelling there for being more resilient.   This means when bad things come along you have a better ability to recover from that bad situation.

3. Start your day off with love:  I have to credit Katie Couric and Betty White's interview for this one.   Betty White credits her longevity to her positive attitude as well as embracing love before hate.  Many people have practices in the morning for gratefulness or meditation.   I know that this can be difficult as we tend to be rushing around in the morning.  So my suggestion to start your day out with love before you even truly open your eyes and get out of bed.   Think of one thing that you love.  I can be as dumb as a banana or as complicated as your best relationship.   By starting your day out with love you're more apt to be grateful, be thankful, and be loving towards others.  I also believe looking at situations with love instead of hate is a much better way to be resilient.  So when you have a tough situation try to remember a time when you were in a similar situation and how you benefited from it.

One of the biggest GEM from live streaming this material was a phrase that my friend Justin Cappon left for me "give someone a bit of your heart rather than a piece of your mind." I think this is a perfect example on how to start your journey to become more resilient.   If you want to learn more about my friend and business coach Justin Cappon can head over to his website here.



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